Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 134: Happy Halloween!

And then the Mom said the magic word... TREAT!

(And then the flashin box don't seem so bad!)


Day 134: Halloween... The Costume

Halloween, I gather... means dressin up in a silly costume that is the opposite of what you are but have a little of it in you so you put it on the outside...

And I got no problem wif wearin the duds just me and the Mom home alone but bring out the flashin box and images for prosperity is whole nother thing altogether. Might wanna run for political office one day. Never know what might criminate ya but the silly Mom insists so here:

And here I am repeatin my mantra, "humor the Mom, humor the Mom, humor the Mom... she asks little of me, so humor the Mom"...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


SLEEPIN POSITION ONE: When greatful as I am to be in the in of doors, goes wifout sayin Sleepin Position One is where the Mom wants you which in my case is on big bed wif her. Bein not sure what is her and what is pillows she puts under covers and not wantin to make mistake as the Mom thinks surely I must have in Chapter One otherwise would not be so careful now... I sleep on edge of lumpy stuff. Head is norf so can be rubbed. Rear toward souf and poised for sneaky getaway.

SLEEPIN POSITION TWO: Transition must be carefully timed for the Mom's drowsiness so as not to arouse overt upsettedness and pleain for please get back on the big bed. Point of Position One is to put the Mom to bed and get head rubbed... order varies dependin on mood. Sometimes transition is best eased into by hoppin off big bed and goin to side of bed for more head rubs. Exact location of Position Two depends on temperature, wind speed and barometric pressure (wood floors in or out of draft... or ceramic tile floor of bunker).

SLEEPIN POSITION THREE: Sneaky transition is less critical at this stage on a counta its bout 230 to 3am and while the Mom's a light sleeper, she's less likely to throw a fuss at this time o darkness. Longer I'm here the less I feel the need to begin transition to Three wif visit to side of bed for head rub but sometimes still do. Since weather is cooler, favorite Position Three is on treadmill.

(Hey, somebody gotta use it!)

SLEEPIN POSITION FOUR: Transition to Four begins when squawky thing goes off (Hate that thing but that's nother blog) and involves mandatory visit to side of big bed for head rub followed by pause at end of big bed to wait for the Mom's tap tap tap on other side of bed. Then settle into same as Position One till the Mom gets tired of the squawky thing and realizes how hungry I am.

Positions for day are different and subject for nother day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 131: I'm a Pisces. Thanks For Asking!

The Mom got this thing on her phone so she can read my dogscope to me ever day. I'm not sure why but I've found humorin her is my first best option in all things that don't involve a sock taped to my foot or a bone bein taken away.


"Your owner (huh??? Owner??? You mean My Mom???...) is going through some kind of emotional upheaval, but that's the only thing that's clear. The details might be fuzzy but your response is not. Don't let them out of your sight."

Honest... that's what it said. Wierd timing cause of the heaval part but the last sentence is a Goldens Rule!

P.S. I puked breakfasts again today wifout even knowin my scope. Made only maybe 30 minutes difference in the Mom's departure. Wif layoffs and conomies bein as they are, she can't much ford to be sentimental. But she is anyways and I maybe saw a tear but Kongy distracted me so I don't know. Will look closer tomorrow.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 130: Tummy Mishaps And Kongy Worries

Puked my breakfast and worried the Mom to no end and then I pushed the Kongy up under the aunty-eek libary table and worried bout him all day.

Now the Mom's home and first thing I showed her was where Kongy was way up under there out of my reach.

And I love the Mom for many reasons not to mention she spillt his treasures for my pleasures and then swiftly took him off for a baff and tasty reload. He's in time-out now in big cold box. I hope I don't see him tomorrow as I only see him cold when the Mom is gone.

And while I love em bofe, I pick the Mom home over the Kongy alone most days, tomorrow included. Just sayin.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 129: My Gala Master Centerpiece Is Done!

Keeping my masterpiece a secret has been a real challenge. So let me take a moment to thank the Mom for keeping her dewclaw swear to me not to spill the proverbial kibbles.

And thanks to both her keen photography skills and thrifty reluctance to change the bat-trees in the camera till it won't come on no more... I'm able to share this fine glimpse of the artful fruits of my labors!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 128: Progress And Reflection

I'm tired tonight on a counta we got up early and the Mom went and got a second round of breakfasts and while she was gone Uncle Tom called and I wanted to answer the phone to tell him the nerve of her for going wifout me but I couldn't reach it.

But when she got back she offered me tasty morsels and I forgot I was mad but remembered to tell her to call my Uncle T.

She did and talked to Aunt Madison and then we worked on my masterpiece all day till the Mom cleaned up the day's mess and went to dinners wif my fambly who I didn't get to even see and it ain't fair but life ain't fair cause that's what the Mom says her Daddy always told her.

I can put fair aside on a counta I been livin my whim (outside of a breakfast run and bein trusted wif a xacto!) all day, and I'm tired, it's dark and late and I'm done.

I tried to frow up to keep the Mom from goin but it only came out as a empty "hack hack hack". And then nuffin. And then so she went.

All's good though cause I know she'll be happy when she gets back... can't help but be happy in good company... which is why I'm most always happy. Up to me, ole gal would never leave but she's even better when she comes back. So I tolerate it specially when it volves fambly!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 126: Out!

That's what my stitches are!

Gave em the eyelids for free, but made the techs work for the side! My growls were met with "no sir"s and they took em out in spite of my objections. Guess I'm happy now on a counta they were itchy, so much so that I got nother round of aunty-biotics and the Mom got a lesson on dressin me in a sock.

The Mom had Doc Banks look at the bumpy on my neck what she been frettin over somefin fierce. Turns out it's some kinda clogged hair follicle and now it's squeezed like a blackhead and clear.

Only bad part was the heart to heart and talk of us headin to Sugar Land though it sounds like a nother trip like I took to the Gulf Coast and likely aint gonna be no land or sugar tied to it once we get there.

But that's the way it goes when you're a loved Luke with a mushy worryin Mom.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 125:Bunker Time!

Bad weathers. Spent most of the night in the bunker, three quarters diggin through its floors and one quarter followin the Mom round the perimeter. Lost my dinners and drinks and didn't even try to make em up. That's how bad it was...!

(Tornado track map by the National Weather Service Forecast Office).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 122: Others In My Socks

Me and the Mom wake up with a bit of fervor for life and set about enjoyin the day and getting the things done that need to get done. I'm tickled to see some action and not just by way of chores but more by way of my master centerpiece!

And we're finally making great progress and life is great and then what? ... three trillion invitations to the gala need to be sent out?

While I agree that folks need to be invited and a counted for, etc... this's seriously cuttin into my creative exploration and development not to mention smoochin time, bein altogether two slugs still!

But when I take paws to think where I'd be wifout
em... I'm grateful for anything the Mom can do to help others in my socks.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 121: Doldrums To Celebration!

Doldrums: (noun) meaning where me and the Mom were all day...

But then she went and had dinners with Aunt Dav and Uncle Benjy... and not only were there evidently rooster tails involved but Aunt Dav made her a happy book that is most special on a counta it's about me!
This here page says Lucky Luke on a counta I am!

The Mom don't like thinkin of me here only cause Comet isn't. And I don't either cause I like her smells and her toys and I wish she was here to lay her head on the Mom's early in the morning when I'm just happy to wake up inside and don't want to be bothered. And she could be the one to jump on the bed just any time the Mom is lonely and I am so not in the mood.

All that said, I'm grateful we found and rescued each other! And cheers to "our" second life together!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 120: My Trip To The Gulf Coast

Today was the big day, and me and the Mom were able to spend a little more quality time in the bed together than a typical Friday morning. And when we finally got up, we were all about our normal go outside and do businesses and come inside and watch Mom do all manner of repetitive and uninterestin stuffs... and all awhile I'm dancin toward the kitchen and she's doin other things and I'm lookin at her like is she crazy or senile and she's mutterin apologies and keepin on forgettin that I'm vanishin into thin airs from starvation...

And then up drove Uncle Tom and out came the leash and I almost but not quite forgot about how hungry I was as I was so happy to see him and show him my favorite places on the street.

Then we all got in Uncle Tom's (now that's what I call a) ride, and off we went to Gulf Coast. We had a great time and I love Uncle T you know I do... but he would not let me drive. I don't know if it was on a counta the Mom was in the car, rush hour traffic or that he just knows I'm more of an open road (heavy on the gas, light on the brake) kind of big guy. But he did not let me take the wheel not even once.

Trip was full of chitchat, "big guy"s, "sweety boy"s and cheek smooches, then whoa... we arrived at the Gulf Coast and wait a minute... no roar of waves, no water, no sand. Only this:

A building wif little rooms, some that have moving floors... and others that have floors that progress incrementally down into the ground and are only about 12" wide. For the record, I do not like those, nor do I like the thunderous hum of the moving floors.

Other than that, I can say that I liked most ever one I met today though I thought it most unmannerly that they did not share their breeakfastes. And Dr. King was nice and frolicked with me on the floors and the other nice man took my nasty sock off.

And then we came home. And much to my displeasure, Uncle Tom left and then the Mom finally remembered my breakfast and I ate. And then I think we were both worn out on a counta it was nothing like we had both hoped and we spent the afternoon in the bed and just otherwise draggin around.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 117: Good Things

Sometimes on rainy days, you're challenged to sit and think of good things.

Today, I'm thinking of two:
  1. (Having stitches and taking drugs sucks but not like on a Kongy or a plush toy, but) having the Mom come home for lunch ever day totally makes me happy!
  2. (The Mom had dinners with Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom, and she brought home exciting news:) The Mom and Uncle Tom are taking me to Gulf Coast on Friday! I never been to the beach, so I'm excited. Hope the weather's good and the trolley don't break down!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 116: What? Me Worry?

No... not me! The Mom is the worrier in this family.

I guess she got some news to fret over today, but I'm not ticularly concerned.

I got so much to be thankful for, I left most of my worries in Chapter One.
Well... there ARE a FEW things I stew over:

Weather. The dishwasher. Kongy rolled up under somefin. Where's my leash.

But that's pretty much all.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 115: Saint Francis In One Peace

The Mom and I glued the torso and bird's head back on Saint Francis today... on a counta it was the right and just and holy thing to do and I need all manner of blessings, favors and strings he might can requisition and put in a good word for me with the Lord.

The head of his bird was broken off by winds a day before Ike hit, but it's on a counta me that he's been separated torso from lower extremities.

Ya see, it went like this... stuff outside went inside and then back outside but not in the same place, just in a place to get it outside from the inside. Luke saw squirrel. Luke leaped what he thought was over and mostly was ceptin poor old Saint Francis to chase said squirrel. Saint Francis fell to the concrete and broke in half at his elbows.

The Mom was upset and Luke felt bad (otherwise he would not speak about himself in the third dog). And the Mom said, and I quote... "I hope this does not come back to haunt us".

Well... neither of us is prepared to say whether it did or did not, but we both know our future is in the Good Lord's hands. Saint Francis took a fall to protect the squirrel that day. And I hope we made it up to him this day.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 114: Feelin Better!

If you'd seen me chasin squirrels and runnin laps today, you'd never guess that I've had surgery and am drugged up.

Your only clue, besides the obvious, would be the Mom yellin at me to stop!

(Guess I'm supposed to be takin it easy!).

Day 114: One Good Thing About Not Being Trusted

You're not left home alone to rip out your stitches! Instead, you go with the Mom to run her Saturday errands!

We got up early, ate our breakfastes, did our businesses and got dressed... well, the Mom did. I stayed in my jammies, bein as how I'm still recoverin and all...

Then while the temperature was still 66 degrees, we boarded the trolley and off we went to new and far away places:

First Stop: Foods Store... I sat in the car in a "prince's parking spot" while the Mom made what she referred to as first seed qualifyin time sweep through the store for bounty. When she came out, I was sittin calm as could be, just where she left me. I did quickly make attempts to root through the bags, however!

Second Stop: Petco... I went in with the Mom and if I may say so myself, I was a very good boy. I minded my own manners, didn't knock anything over, and was pleased wif my purchases. The Mom bought me Buddy Biscuits Veggie Madnesses (upset they had no Molasses Madnesses), Buddy Sweet Potato Chips (ain't tried em yet, but if Buddy likes em I prolly will too), three bags o pill pockets (whoa... how many more pills do I have to take???) and a new baby I love who goes by name of Rudy.

Third Stop. Bank... I didn't get to talk to the tell-her this time, since we just went through the part where the Mom puts a thing in this swell and generous machine and moneys come out. She says we gotta pay the tree man in moneys. And he's supposed to be here this afternoon.

And then we rounded the trolley back to home, where I deboarded first and sniffed around in the front yard then went inside and worried about Rudy still in the trolley...

But the Mom bustled bout and brought in Rudy and foods. And then I wanted to go outside and did and came in and took a long nap wif Rudy while tree man made a mess in our yards.

And now the Mom who's been gimpy for weeks wif her herniated disk right through her hip and down to her little toe and the one next to it (not that she's complainin... and I wouldn't be caught sayin she has)... is waitin till it cools off a little to start draggin a heapin round four to the front of the house that just got cleaned.

I'd help but I just had surgery, am on drugs, ain't trusted off leash and wouldn't be much help on leash. Just sayin'...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 113: Get Well Wishes!

I received my very first ever greeting card today with get well wishes from Aunt Dav, Uncle Benjy and my Cousin Lovey!

I hate that I need the wishes, but I'm grateful for the warmth, love and support of my new family!

Pretty precious card... and ticularly fittin my whether watchin and all we been through lately!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 112: As You See Me...

As I lay... for 15 hours. I adjusted myself a few degrees from north... but not by much.

The Mom had structions bout what was to be done. And she followed most of em, to the best of her judgment.

I took my Ace when I got home. I took my Benny-drill at the half day mark.

I wouldn't get up to eat or drink, so she fed me canned food by spoon which I gulped. And she gave me IKE (ice) chips. She begged, cajoled, sang... she went outside and talked to me, leaving the door open... but here I lie.

At 7am this morning, she put a half day's breakfast in my bowl... but I had no reaction. So, she got the leash... and that raised my curiosity. I raised my head enough for her to make a connection... and then I tentatively raised my body.

She led me to the backyard and then took the leash off. I stood there. There was nothing I wanted to do. So we we both just stood there...

When we came inside though, I followed the Mom to the kitchen and looked at my bowl. She held it up to me, but I was hesitant. She handed me a bite and I ate it... another and down the hatch. She raised the bowl under my chin, and I backed off. She placed the food on a plate and held it, and I ate every morsel.

We then went out. I did all manner of businesses, and I mean ALL. And I came back in to look at my bowl. The Mom filled it with the other half of the day's breakfast... And I backed up and laid down.

Well... that musta pushed her limits, because she announced that I was not going to be another "Wellington". I don't know who that is... but he musta been someone who ruled her roost, unconditionally.

I thought about things just a minute, as she was cleanin up the kitchen... and then I ate out of the bowl she served me in.

Eatin lots o pill pockets, mostly drowsy, stitches itch, but I'm feelin better by the hour. The best part is... the Mom is home wif me!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 111: S... Then Zzzzzzzzz...

OK. Home. Out. More tomorrow.

Sock on leg so I don't rip stitches.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 110: O No... The T Word

Thunderstorm... which we had this morning.

Tantrum... which I threw this morning.

Ticked... which the Mom was when I wouldn't let her out the door, afterwards... and I was at her for leaving me.

Thankful... which I am for having a Mom willing to be really late to work in order to be here with me during the storm... and which the Mom is for me not still being ticked when she got home.

Time... which there is never enough of, particularly in the company of those you love.

Treasure... of which love is the best kind.

Troubles... which me and the Mom have known more than our fair (as I deem myself the proper judge of such things) share.

Tumor... which, I gather, for the Mom is a very scary word.

Tears... which she tries to hide but I see well up in the Mom's eyes sometimes.

Tomorrow... for I'm told we don't know what it brings.

Together... which is where I'll be with the Mom, no matter what tomorrow brings.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 106: Clean Yard + Gimpy Mom!

The Mom raked and weeded and bagged the dregs in the backyard today... and then the yard guy came along after her and did the rest!

I watched it all in hopes my life would soon return to normal. And by that I mean that I'm looking forward to the day the Mom's not so gimpy any more!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 105: Busy Work

The Mom came home early, and I was glad... till I figured out she was here to meet some guys that crawled on the roof and wandered all about the house and didn't even say hello to me.

Then right after that the big truck and crane made it to our house and beat hell outta my ash tree and picked up about 85% of our debris and left 15% in the street. And then the Mom and Adrienne had to pick it all up while I watched from inside in my Benny-Drill haze.

After all was done, though... we made up for lost time wif some good lovin!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 104: Not What We Wanted To Hear... But Support A Plenty

Well, looks like ole Luke and the Mom got another battle to fight.

The Mom got the results from last Saturday's aspirination. The exact words were "indicative of a mast cell tumor, and it needs to come out". Now I don't know what all that means... but I know I got rallyin troops with support a plenty.

Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom came over this evenin and brought me some "miracle waters" and two real bones! For the Mom, they brought pizza, salad and wine.

Aunt Dav called with well wishes and positive thoughts. And then Aunt Karen called, too, from some far away place called Arkansaw.

Ever one's got good positive feelins and attitudes, and it's rubbed off on the Mom.

As for me, I couldn't be happier... and as for the Mom, she needed the company and support.

Only thing I don't like about it so far is the Benny-Drill, but in a pill pocket... ain't but half bad, specially if you chase it wif the miracle waters!