Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 85: Heaven.. or Hell

Back door is now darkened which I don't have a problem with... I like the front door cause it means a venturous walke with the Mom on tether.

Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom vited us over to see Ike wif the herd, but I guess we're gonna stay here. Kinda disappointed, not cause a not seein Ike, but on a counta not seein them... and the herd is ok, too. Top o that, they got a yard full o excellent smells and much better foods!

And speakin of foods... the Mom brought home nother burger earlier. Wasn't ticularly concerned till then. Woman got a rule bout one burger a week and now we had one two days in a row. We're either in heaven, or hell is right round the corner.

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