Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 86: Dark Loud Night

And I can't blog, but if I could, I'd tell you this...
  1. Went to sleep last night like any other night ceptin left the tv on. We'll hereafter call that one the colorful tv. I put Mom to bed and found me a great place under the cool air jet stream.
  2. Sounds of not sure what picked up round what I'm told was 1am, and the Mom moved to a pallet on the flor near me.
  3. Colorful tv began flickerin and when it eventually went quiet, the Mom hustled out the bat-tree operated camp tv and we resumed our "rest".
  4. Noises picked up and so did the volume of the tv, but I was doing my best to doze right through till...
  5. 3am. Big thunderous boom, and I ain't can't lie... I went berzerk. Tie-Pay seemed like the best place to be for that moment and I began diggin'. The Mom dressed me in my cape and I followed her into the big bafroom to take my pill pocket willingly and continue to dig.
  6. Not feeling much like a super hero at that particular moment, so I was happy when she positioned her pallet and her body between me and the door to the hall. She positioned one bat-tree operated fan on me and one in the hall directed toward her. She also placed the camp tv in the hall. [Heard her say later she was drowning out the sounds as much as tracking the storm... but thank you KHOU, Channel 11!].
  7. Poop hit the house all night, but as the pill pocket took effect, I grew less and less concerned. I moved once to get behind the fan, and a second time when the Mom went round the house to check for water risin and fallin and any other sorta damage... I moved onto her pallet!
  8. She returned and squeezed in beside me, my back to her belly, between the tub and the wall... and I thought that's how we shoulda been all night!
  9. We "rested" a bit till we was startled by a bang on the door, and it was Uncle Oscar, checking to see if we was ok. Me and the Mom was peerin at him through the cloudiness of the storm door, and he told us that the tree hit our house. And that's when I realized that this Ike feller was worser than the cats he brung with him.

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