Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear GRRH / Regarding Package Deal

Regarding my letter dated 18 September 2008, I'm beginning to reconsider certain of my positions...

I find myself once more in need of rescue. This time, however, I must insist upon an addendum to my original terms and conditions.

You see, I've grown quite fond of the Mom, and vice versa... And while we are both well aware that package and conditional adoption deals are difficult to close... I would appreciate your beginning the search for a fully powered, totally climate controlled (68 degrees sounds good about now), internet accessible and preferably loving home.

There's room to negotiate on the latter condition, but I'll need guarantees in writing (triplicate, please) of all former.

Please note that while she's not technically a Golden Retriever, the mom is definitely a golden oldy (having just celebrated her ahemth birthday!)... and she's retrieved ever single thing I've ever needed with the utmost efficiency! To boot, she's fully house trained, is in general good health (so-so hips, not so so-so feet, but all that may be because she's been draggin limbs, baggin leaves, heftin a 5 gallon gas can and tuggin on a generator cord for umpteen days now)... and while she has some pretty significant abandonment issues and separation anxieties, she is mostly sociable and has no problem sharing... food or toys.

Bottom line... keep us cool and no one gets hurt.



P.S. I know it sounds like a tall order, but you worked a miracle before. I'm countin on you again!

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