Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 77: What A Difference A Kongy Makes!

Deer Aint Karen,

I love you. I do.

First you steer me in the direction of this sweet gig you called the Mom.

Later you tell the sweet Mom I need [ac]tivities like a Kongy, Animal Planet in the talkin box and a Easter cookie hunt when she's at the factry.

In all my nine years, never even got left in the in-of-doors much less got nothin like I got now! Everthing but the hunt is all mine cause of you, and I think it might be round the corner cause everthing you said has come or is true.

So much so that I'm startin to think you might be right bout nother lil bundle of joy. Vote in my poll and help me decide. There's some debate goin on in this household right now... bout whether a young sister or a blue brother might be the best addition. Not sure how things all shake out but Kongy is all mine, and you are my witness.

I like I can go to you in times of need and you come thru wiff stuff that makes me happy and the Mom not worry so much. You did a good job pickin her outta the masses, but holy Jeebers the worryin that woman does over me! Guessin I seen both sides of that speck-trum, and not only is worryin better but outta all the worryin moms... you picked the one I'd a picked in a blind sniff test. I got some work to do on her still, but she's good stock.

Thats what I'm sayin wiff all the thanks and love in my heart.

Your Nef-You Luke and His Friend Kongy

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