Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 104: Not What We Wanted To Hear... But Support A Plenty

Well, looks like ole Luke and the Mom got another battle to fight.

The Mom got the results from last Saturday's aspirination. The exact words were "indicative of a mast cell tumor, and it needs to come out". Now I don't know what all that means... but I know I got rallyin troops with support a plenty.

Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom came over this evenin and brought me some "miracle waters" and two real bones! For the Mom, they brought pizza, salad and wine.

Aunt Dav called with well wishes and positive thoughts. And then Aunt Karen called, too, from some far away place called Arkansaw.

Ever one's got good positive feelins and attitudes, and it's rubbed off on the Mom.

As for me, I couldn't be happier... and as for the Mom, she needed the company and support.

Only thing I don't like about it so far is the Benny-Drill, but in a pill pocket... ain't but half bad, specially if you chase it wif the miracle waters!

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