Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 189: Christmas Mornin!

Went bed last night and the Mom shut bedroom door say she gotta put cookie and nog out for Santy Paws I say I help she say no I already had snack. She read my mine like always...

Then wake up slow this Christmas mornin get love then go outside then eat my breakfast then what to my wonderin eyes should appear but... woe, what this? My stockin full and in the chair! Guess Saint Nicholas was surely there! (now see... that rhyme, just sayin).

The Mom help me empty stockin while I sniff the bounty!
Got jerky, got turtle, got fish and ducky.
Got three effy-lents, small medium and large!
And what hell??? Bow Tie??? What Santa Paws thinkin??! Thought he know good boy don't want clothe for Christmas!
Tasty bite of jerky breakfast chaser make forget got bow tie what look sissy.
Guess the Luke been good as he thought, cause bow tie on the side been such good Christmas wif treats and toys and most most of all... good home, good the Mom and family who love me and good to be such part of happy time!
Merry Christmas, you all!

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