Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 187: Sammy Claws!

Sammy (Claws) who is my great pal cross fence leave bounty at my door what in pretty bag guessin his mom Aunt Susan pick out wif red bird what me and the Sam boaf chase from our yard.

And inside bag is other bag what got treasures and structions for boaf me and the Mom!

What also got Sanicle what the Mom used to take till she use hers on my scar to ward way evil disease. Then also in pocket of stockin... gift card. Woe... way too generous. Me and the Mom neever know what to say. Way way too generous. Thank you hardly seem enough.

Also in bag is sweet bear what I call Sammy Claws in Santa suit what I love and love to suck.

Luke love the Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike and (our secret) Cousin Sammy. Thank you seem not enough for such great gift!

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