Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 190: My First Sleep-Over

It gettin dark and heard the Mom tellin the Aunt Karen feedin time was success on a counta I didn't eat Bleu's food. I eat fast as I could in hopes... but foiled. They laugh lot and guess they decide Luke bein good host after all... but the Aunt Karen on stand-by still. Just sayin.

So we settlin in, not for night just yet... but for evenin just tryin decide what the Mom doin and where we should roost for short haul.

Bleu smile on a counta he prolly shock how good a host I bein, cause Luke reputation sometime preceed him and I sometime get bad wrap. Not sure why but just sayin...

Think he like the Mom, too, on a counta she love on him lot and yeah I let her... and she say really funny things to him what seem to make him relax and make his self at home.

The Aunt Madison only call once since Bleu been here and we surprised. Pretty much know she dyin to call but tryin not. We think we might call but we not sure we should...

I happy cause I get good company of the Bleu and he polite, mine his p's and q's and I not feel jealous or threaten in any way, least not which I will reveal here! I only say this patpatpat and Luke hop on bed right quick! Bleu here sharpen Luke sense of hearin... not jelousy mine you... just hearin!

I watch the Bleu get lovin from the Mom and he happily lay down in bedroom... and then I follow the Mom into the study to watch her check her email

I give her big LuLu smile let her know I happy, and I get the Mom lovin on my head, too!

I lay down by door make sure she don't forget nor I miss "last call"!

And I thinkin I might just suprise the Mom wif bedtime on a counta I might just sleep on the bed all night for first time. Just thinkin...

This my first sleep-over, and so far... gotta say I super happy and all goin real good.

The Mom say I get A+++ on a counta I such good host which fly in face of reputation, and I refer you to the great Orvis Debacle of September 2008.
Bleu get A+++ too on a counta he well mannered boy and real good house guest.

We gettin long real well! Don't ack so surprised!

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