Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 193: Ahhh... It Good To Be Luke

Yep, it good to be Luke for so many reasons... not least of which I handsome boy wif high self esteem.

Self esteem one of most portant things to have in this life. It elevate you past unfair circumstances of all kinds.

Self esteem, along wif hope, is mainstay of survival. And I don't think you truly have hope if you don't know you deserve it.

And see look on my face? That me thinkin... ahhhhh. I got life I deserve what is rich and full, secure and excitin... a life where it seem somefin really good, really full fillin and unexpected is all ways right round corner.

I love the Mom. And I have loved my first Christmas! I come to understand and almost expect bein loved by the Mom... but love been poured on me right and left by my extended family.

Thing a bout where I come from... make Luke grateful for ever gift bag what I can sniff, for ever tin I can poke my nose in, for ever morsel, for ever toy, for ever thought and for ever pat on head.

I feel like I in dream land of fantasy come true. The Mom has been home and wif me almost 24x7 and you might think I spoiled wif all these new toys and treats... but if only you could see me dance when introduced to somefin new... or layin wif toy contentedly suckin... if only you could see me run to kitchen in hopes of scrumptious treat... see my proud sit and my strong shake, high five and down... you would know how much I love my Christmas and all the ways you've made it special.

This been hard Christmas on the Mom for all kinda reasons but she had me who not let her feel one moment lonely or forget joy in little things or quiet times. Luke not try fill anybody shoes cause I got big feet what yearn for shoes of their own. And that somehow big comfort to the Mom.

And long come the Bleu for few days, four now but who countin, and he not try fill shoes neither. He just Bleu. Polite, laid back, go long get long Bleu... who like my toys and get me in trouble for makin him drop em and give em back.

View from Luke perspective... I give of the Mom. I give of the bed. I choose not give of the toys. Does that make me bad boy? The Mom say no, I not bad boy... but I a boy who need learn share toys not be greedy and calculatin.

I try... we see.

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