Monday, December 29, 2008

Morning 193: Good Day After Rough Yesterday

Yesterday rough day for all involved so the Mom last night ask Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom can Bleu spend night just one more night? They say yes well ok one more night. And then we each do our businesses and come in and the Mom start household shutdown...

So she set security larm for Day 192 and brush her toofies and turn round and what she see???

Me and the Bleu in harmony, not competin not worryin not frettin...
This last not too many seconds longer and I say no matter how cold it is I not sleep like sardine so I jump down get on little bed.

The Mom get in bed negotiate wif the Bleu... I get up for bedtime story and the Mom patpatpat Luke get on big bed and so I did.

Somehow in mix, we reverse things and Bleu sleep on right... Mom in middle... Luke on left.

Here how night went, graphically... in sequence... chronologically:

) I [ : Luke Mom Bleu

o I O: Luke Mom Bleu

% : Luke Mom Bleu

'/n : Luke Mom Bleu

And by mornin the Mom's / turn into somefin like: &

She bit gimpy but happy wif her lovin. She and I have funny conversation bout how quarter acre real estate on other side of the Bleu but he stretch to middle in his joy. All well and it really feel good to be in bed of love, but the Mom tell us she be alfy one day soon not sure what that mean... I just hope alfy don't sleep in guest bed cause me and the Bleu like the I and the /! Just sayin.

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