Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 189: Christmas Brunch Wif Herd!

Imagine my surprise imagine my joy...
My daydream come true and I realize my folly...
When jingle I heard I quick laid down toy..
Cause goin for holiday ride in the trolley!

Christmas wif Aunt Madison, Uncle Tom, Cousin Katie and herd was just best way to spend day!

Brunch was served and we was like golden retriever rug round table. I snuck patpatrubrub from the Uncle Tom when he finished. And I love herd and bein there. And I try my best to find kitty cats but tempts were foiled. The Mom brought me home quicker than I was ready on a counta I kep stickin my head where it not posed to go.

But on way home, the Mom say she gave me good solid 'B' which not bad considerin I barely pass wif 'D' last time I there.

She say I good cause I not knock over tree nor run way (not given chance) but I need stop bein so nosey and not search house like live there.

So good boy get open gift from the herd! And I got bones (real ones!) and other tasty treats! Herd know way to Luke heart right frew his belly! Just sayin!

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