Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 188: Christmas Eve

Been rainy day here and I sad the Mom left me this mornin but she give me Kongy so I let her go and she back fore long with bounty from Aunt Dav, Uncle Benjy and Cousin Lovey!

I got tasty treats, Buddy Biscuits what I love, a cute ping-win, a reindeer wif the pointy feets and a skatin reindeer!
The Mom said I just ate and she know on a counta she one who fix supper and she say I can't have treat so pick toy and play!
I take close look at each and love em all then try hard to make choice.

I love em all and gonna play wif all em till decide who sleep wif me tonight. Will let you know.
I feel real bad now for takin the Henry... Hope Lovey have Merry Christmas, anyway!

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