Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 194: Big Brother

I startin to get sense that me and the Bleu not so much friends as we are brothers on a counta he settled in pretty deep and I sharin real good and I don't see no not one single sign he goin home any time soon.

And that fine by me on a counta ever body need big brother.

The Bleu got his on a counta the Luke more experienced got broader perspective on life and can teach him.

And I got big brother on a counta conservatively he bout 50% more boy than me. He kinda skinny but put it this way... Luke can reach bout half way cross bottom counter in kitchen; Bleu can reach casserole dish the Mom rarely but sometime use what on top shelf of upper cabinet. Take her tippy toe to get dish down, so the Bleu gonna not just be loved here but come in real handy!

And I say over and over... he mild mannered boy, but look! He get his hairs up when my friend Sammy next door try welcome him to neighborhood!

Bleu so tall, the Mom gonna have hang hummingbird feeder way higher next year so he don't bump his head!

Poor the Mom... she keep sayin next weekend she gonna pack way feeders and all remnants of Ike... but then she spend weekend wif the me... the us... doin stuff she actually love.

Maybe me and the Bleu help her or even better surprise her and take care of list of todos... or then again maybe we go in and take nap. Not sure, one or other though...

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