Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 176: Really My First Ornaments!

First let me say, cordin to Luke observation... and strictly speakin of the Mom, as I still young and hearty as pup... eyesight first thing that go. Why, I've logged 274,512.3 miles since June 20th, just followin the Mom as she look for her glasses. She once tole me she was gonna buy me a vest wif umpteen pockets and put pair o glasses in each, that way I be her seein eye dog.

Now I think memory must be second thing that go. I find out few days ago, THESE really my first ornaments! Decorated by my Aunt Karen, the Mom got these way back when at the whirl cereal of dog shows but she hide em from me as surprise and lo and behole she almost forgot!

She say green ones represent my birfday what is March 15! I like gold paws most specially!

Red ones real pretty and I like em lots, but there was fatal accident and one met untimely demise.

You see, the Mom was on step ladder hangin one up high. I know what you're thinkin was thinkin same thing. Most her close friends think she shouldn't have ladder of any kind, so they prolly come get it now.

Anyways, she leaning way over thought hook tight on branch but not. It drop go splat and she say word what rhyme wif if Luke repeat word he in big trouble so won't.

The Mom not so much mad as upset cause it was special to her. I tell her it ok though. Cause GRRH love all round us don't have to be on tree in multitude for us to feel it and know it there.

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