Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 187: Christmas Love From Cousins Zeke and Rizzo!

Christmas joyous for all kind of reasons and one is most special gift from Aunt Karen, Uncle Craig and my cousins Zeke and Rizzo... tin of treats what touch my heart a swell as my tummy!

I dance I sing...
and fact lid fit tight...
is very good thing!

The Mom say cookies in bag for her not me... but think she pullin fast one. Can't believe Aunt Karen make something smell so good what not for the Luke?

She say that too back on Day 100 in aftermath of hurricane. Didn't believe her then not so sure believe her now. Gonna have to get fax straight from the Aunt Karen.

Till then, I not share none of tin. Was prepared to... till the Mom laid claim on bag!

Me and the Mom have our differences, but one thing not disputed... we boaf love us some Aunt Karen, Uncle Craig and the Zeke and Rizzo!!!

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