Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 190: Red Rover Red Rover... Bleu Come Over!

Knowed not one iota that somefin up today. The mom... she cool some time. Was sound a sleep when she quick put choke chain and leash on me! We run to front door and wow-wee, what there but my Uncle Tom and Cousin Bleu!

We do greetin outside and we do greetin inside and then poof the Uncle Tom left... and... we... three... still... here... and... what... this... mean...

Not sure, but the Mom all cool and she let Bleu sniff out the place inside and then on the outside...

It not best weather and somewhat dark day and you know how I feel bout that...

But have Bleu out in yard wif me and gotta be good host!

Gotta run see what he smell!

Bleu smell things what ole hat to me, but I glad to share wif him! He good boy and real nice friend or cousin or... not sure, stay tuned... what don't get in my business... so I return favor!

But when he out sniffin round, I hide behind tree and keep eye on him... just sayin.

Ever body need good friend/cousin or somefin... what keep eye out for you!

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