Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 191: Lazy Mornin Wif Bleu

We get up right early on a counta I lert the Mom to fact weather blowin in... and me and the Bleu go out and come in and I try pin eagerness for breakfast on him and tell him play long like starvin... he don't but the Mom prepare tasty foods anyway.

I scarf. Bleu enjoy leisurely. And then we go back to the outside whereby I make quick work of big business on a counta wind blowin fierce. We do little businesses one right after other for neutralization purposes.

Bleu more interested in sticks what fallin from trees than big business, and he bring the Mom a few. I follow him round and marvel at his collections. The Mom keep askin him bout businesses but he just keep lookin for sticks, and I growin nervous bout weather so we all go back to the inside.

I pace for while before chillin wif the Bleu on cool floors... and then the Mom barass me by standin on end of bed take aerial photo.

Then she take photo from Luke vantage point...

And that not good enough she take photo from Bleu end.

Pretty much think you ask him, Bleu say the Mom crazy.

Wish I had good comeback but at loss for words.

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