Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Night 174: What House Look Like In Dark!

The Mom so funny... she run cross street in jammies and take photo of snow wif house you can't see beyond. Clearest thing you see is rectangle of trolley license plate in garage wif door open!

Tomorrow bein loud truck day, she take pitcher of gatherin snow like she never seen it before and maybe she ain't. Not sure.

And this bein the snow what gather on what left of the tree what Ike made fall on my house.

And this bein the house wif the Christmas lights what the Mom run back and turn on. I swear... she so funny! I just sit in warm house, shake head and marvel...

Nother pitcher comin up driveway. Can you even see what she shootin?

Snow what gather on shrub. Least now you can see somefin!

By way, while the Mom outside in her jammies, Uncle Jeff come out and make sure ever thing ok wif her and the Luke.

Good neighbors big comfort, good neighbors we got! And we need em... The Mom bit crazy bit unlucky, only so much the Luke can do to help. So Luke like havin back up!

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