Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 176: The GRRH Stories of Bear and Wesson, Bethany and Me!

Found out today that GRRH gonna feature stories of Bear and Wesson, Bethany and me in their year end letter!

That excitin and speakin for the four of us us, we honored... but there SO many great stories, so many lives what have been changed for SO much the better on a counta the tireless work by and e-mense love of GRRH volunteers. 194 lives so far this year!

So here I lift these stories for you my reader's enjoyment:

Bear and Wesson

This adorable duo came to GRRH in desperate need of love, attention and extensive veterinary care. Wesson (Golden) and Bear (Flat-coated retriever) had a rough start in life, but they don't hold that against us two legged friends. The first week with their foster family was spent in intensive care due to malnutrition and overall neglect. In six weeks, they gained enough weight to be neutered. Then Wesson scared us all with symptoms that resembled distemper. After four days in the Animal Hospital, he fully recovered to begin his heartworm treatment only two weeks later. When Wesson was away for treatment, Bear would not eat or play…he desperately missed his best friend. At this point, the foster family decided they would keep them as their own before they would let them be separated. Talk about two peas in a pod. After three months of treatment and rehabilitation, they found the perfect home complete with their very own couches. The foster family was sad to see them leave yet so very happy they found the perfect loving family who realized they were looking for “two cuddle bugs,” when they saw Wesson and Bear.


Bethany Sweet Bethany---under a year old and already delivered a litter of 12 puppies, none survived due to her poor health. What a list of other problems she had - heartworm positive, bacterial and viral infections that were so severe she had marginal percent lung capacity, parasites, conjunctivitis, skin sores, and ear infection. No surprise that she was anemic, emaciated, and had no appetite. Her foster family’s vet recommended euthanasia, since she would never be healthy enough to undergo heartworm treatment. She was not responding to the most hard-hitting medication available for the infections wreaking havoc on her body. That was then, this is now. Bethany’s dedicated foster family lavished love and constant nurturing, all the while encouraging her spirit to live. Her recovery was nothing short of miraculous. In less than two weeks Bethany had clear lungs and she became stronger each and every day. Now, she has a voracious appetite and is healthy enough for life-saving heartworm treatment. She is a beautiful, strong, healthy girl with an award winning tail wag and a warm personality. She is ready to be the joy of some family’s life. She’s a survivor because she has so much love left to give and because we cared.

Cool Hand Luke

Luke came to GRRH in June after spending the previous eleven months of his nine years in a small shelter. He had somehow been lost in their system. His owners turned him in because he always wanted to “bolt into” the house when there was a thunderstorm. That was a problem for his first and only family up to that point. However, none of us at GRRH could understand that and were pleased we were able to bring him back into the real world. We only wish we had discovered this big, lovable guy much earlier.

He was adopted quickly by his forever Mom who had applied to GRRH for a puppy. Luke may not be a puppy to many of you; however, he was reborn when he was given a new leash on life.

You can monitor his GRRH8 developments when you have time to view his own blog:
Golden Boy!
If you could find it in your heart to help em give a second life to others my cousins, please please donate! Also, check out Goldens what need your help right now!

Luke don't like to beg but will for good cause.

Big money real good but great thing about little is it add up! Ever dime and dollar count when doggy need medical attention... and that where all money go, cause volunteers cover all overhead costs, food and shelter!

The Mom say GRRH is 501c3 and donation is tax deductible...whatever that mean... just thought I mention it...

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