Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 195: Out and In and Out and In and Out

The Mom went to factory today and then she came home. And then she load big stuff in trolley and leave for delivery to cherry-tee. And then she come home wif stuff still in trolley take cloves off, wash face and put different cloves on... I suspicious of such behavior and check shoes. O no... the goin shoes!

And I dance and I beg and I plead and she say too early for dinner foods on a counta it 315. And I little pithed as she leave on a counta bout to starve to deaf no matter what little hand say.

She say she be right back and love you and she off to NYE lupper (what I say is most close to supper on a counta it just the lonely "L" from lunch but the rest from what we all know Luke should be eatin right now) wif my GRRH aunts and uncles, and it not fair on a counta nef-yous like enchiladas too. Just sayin.

So, me and the Bleu and the reindeer skater and the reindeer wif the candies for the feets, we just hang wif our hunger pang...

Yeah you read that right been six days and a coupla hours and Bleu still here.. not that I really countin... He been here closin in on bout a week what feel like short time when we runnin round yard and feel pretty much like bout 147 hours when he squeakin my toys and layin in my spot on bed.

But Bleu good company on afternoon like this when the Mom gone and it way good not to starve to deaf alone. Just sayin.

Never much know what that big boy thinkin, but when the Mom left and the quiet settled in, Bleu turn to me and say “it just been short while since breakfast and we be eatin dinners soon you'll see on a counta she your Mom what worry too much to be gone too long”.

Bleu say that like I don’t already know it. He just ain’t never hungry as I am.

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