Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 181: Gifts Came To Our Door!

Package come to door before the Mom come home, and I not so much as utter peep to doorbell mostly on a counta I not know I sposed to and too on a counta I know I can't open door so no need rouse from peaceful nap.

But joy to the world when the Mom get home and retrieve sweet package from Aunt Kristi and Aunt Susan and place special gifts under tree, one of which for me! I knew right off nother one for me cause smelt it right off but the Mom think Luke need not (or can not, I forget which) resist tempy-tation and she put it way up out of reach!

We sit and she tell me how special Aunts Kristi and Susan are and all they mean to her and to the Comet. I love them already on a counta the stories, but I can't wait to meet em. And I not say that just cause they send good smelling presents!

The Mom say we wait till Christmas day and unwrap together! She say it small Christmas this year (though it seem HUGE-MONGOUS to me!) and we got not much planned. And it mean lot to her to sit be quiet and unwrap gifts from her sisters on Christmas day... and just think bout them, how things used to be.

I good with the thinkin part but Christmas day seem so far away! Up to me, we would think way sooner! Just sayin...

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