Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 194: A Nalogy Of Life

The Mom tell many mostly bedtime stories bout my Grandpa who I so wish long wif my Grandma was here this day to pat me on head spoil me and tell me things first hand...

One favorite story bout life and somefin Grandpa like do what is call "golf". He say in life like "golf " spend most time on fair way aimin for green... but spend lots o time worryin over ruff. He say sometime when reflectin over real good round, the ruff most vivid memory... and lesson in life is to think green, remember and practice the good.

She say he groom and concentrate on green in ever thing he did. Guess it work on a counta he got hole in one ball on our wall long wif other championship flight trophies but most portantly he got the Mom who still spired by his love and pass it long to the Luke and ok well... to the Bleu, too.

The Mom say life never easy for the Grandpa like life never so easy for the Luke. But she say I got Grandpa's spirit and I like thinkin bout that...

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