Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 192: Not Good, Definitely Not Good

The Mom say I like the "rainman" of weather on a counta keen intuition and ok compulsion...

And she woke up thinkin this be good weather day on a counta weatherman say it so but I tell her right quick it not no way. Me and the Bleu go through mornin routine wif the breakfast and the outside but no joy in this soul cause I gettin my panic on...

It dark and dreary and we all come in and the Mom try goin back to the bed to calm me down and the Bleu he do too but I pace no matter what they say or do cause two of them got no weather savvy. Just sayin.

And then thunder start way off then on top us and the Mom believin me now while I in bunker try dig to the Dino, bet good weather in Taipei ... all while the Bleu, he lay on bed and watch.

That boy gonna need teachin. I take him under proverbial wing and teach him me-teorology bout weather and stuff. Won't do it today on a counta distracted by impending dooms but one day soon.

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