Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 185: Sneaky Boy

Not only we got lit up tree wif stuff hangin on ever branch, but the Mom bags o stuff and boxes in colorful paper underneaf. And well bein somewhat a curious Luke, I decide sniff in each bag. Well sniffin led to rootin and next thing I know I got a octopus.

The Mom saw it and she say no it for Lovey, and she put it back. Minutes later I forget she say no but member the octopus, and I get it again. The Mom say no again then put big box in front of tree and then got busy in other room on this here computer... and then I member octopus again and go get him from behind box. Was almost caught cause box made sound when I hopped on top it... but made clean get-way.

Then when the Mom found me in the big bed with the colorful octopus, she nounce too late cause I had sucked it till soppin wet. I say sowwy and she say I should say sowwy to Cousin Lovey on a counta the Mom order octopus special for her and I steal and suck it.

So to Cousin Lovey, I sowwy. I not know much bout Christmas custom and did not see name on bag. Luke good boy who sometime do naughty thing.

I hate you missin out on Henry what I name him (8... get it?). I not steal him on purpose just thought surely mine... Merry Christmas! Love, Your Cousin Luke.

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