Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 156: Random Thoughts

Saturdays are confusin for me. Go to bed same time Friday night as all others but not posed to wake up same time Saturday mornin?

Guess not by way of hearin the adjective the Mom used when she announced the time of my complete impatience... "six duckin fifteen", she said. Hey, I gave her an hour reprieve... our normal time is five duckin fifteen!

1. Breakfast on Saturday mornin might be bit later than usual. One hour late is bout my maximum.

2. Feel it my job to make sure the Mom know it daylight. Just sayin.

3. When the Mom go back to sleep after mornin routine... good idea upon her risin, to dance to food bowl. Never know. She might forget she already served breakfasts.

4. Watchin her work never fun but some time sighin and always scratchin make her stop. Note to self.

5. Imperative to point out workers in yard next door just in case they not posed to be there. Never know. Some time random electricians try fix problem neighbor don't really have. Good to have a Luke to try make their job miserable.

6. Fun too, to have the Mom chase you cross yard in jammies... though it also kinda barassin. Just sayin.

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