Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 148: Why Need Baff Today?

Missed traditional Friday communal nap today and asked the Mom why baff took place of nap just askin...

And she say "glad you asked you're goin to
GRRH famly reunion tomorrow and we need to talk bout tude".

Don't know what she talkin bout "tude" less maybe she ferrin to great Orvis debacle of September 2008 for which I had my reasons...

But I listen... and she say this:

"Have fun. Feel safe. Enjoy kin of all legged kinds. And most portant don't worry bout bein left be-hind cause you comin right back to our home. You're my Luke and I'm your (the) Mom and that's the way it will always be."

Then she said...

"Pull an Orvis and trip short we comin back home". Said it sweetly, figure she just givin me my ceptable out!

So I just thinkin... wow, my life way more better than ever before just sayin.

I not just got the Mom who love me, give me baff, towel dry me, talk sweetly, beg me to big bed, rub my head till fall asleep...

But also got aunts and uncles who saved me,
H O O K E D M E U P , love and look out for me and support the Mom in all ways I can't on a counta I'm just the son and she love me too much not to worry bout ever little and big thing.

All that and got this extended
GRRH family too what has reunions wif love and swimmin (call this a draw?) and foods (now talkin)!

Heard what the Mom had to say, so Lucky
736, gonna wake up tomorrow mornin, put on sissy collar wrap (cause real men wear what women who love em buy em), sport good 'tude', board trolley and have good time at reunion!

Less I decide otherwise what might be the case. Check back tomorrow.

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