Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 135: Golden Retriever Gala Masterpiece, Part One

I been keepin the Master Centerpiece under top secret dewclaw swearin raps and now since ever one who can't know is at the Gala, I unveil it to you my loyal readers!

I go sometimes by my first given name of Cool Hand Luke, and this past year's felt to me like a major motion picture production starring me. And ever big production got a poster wif credits and the like and here's mine:

Second life supporting roles: Aunt Karen Bishop as Aunt Karen, Aunt Madison Whitson as Aunt Madison, Aunt Melinda Seckt as Aunt Melinda, Uncle Tom Whitson as Uncle Tom and Mom as Mom.

Technicolor Sequel / GRRH Production: Aunt Karen, Casting & Props; Aunt Madison, Standby, Health & Safety; Aunt Melinda, Pre-Production; Uncle Tom, Transportation & Direction; Mom, Screenplay & Dialog.

Before you go thinkin maybe I stole a idea from somefin you seen before, I say to you yes I did. You see, some years back there was a motion picture go by Cool Hand Luke by some crazy coincidence.

Got a little in common wif the character in that picture and a lot wif the actor, Paul Newman, who played me.

My eyes not as blue, but we bofe ruggedly handsome and modest too. He drove fast cars just like I do when Uncle Tom lets me (shhhh don't tell the Mom). And we bofe have soft hearts and are committed to helpin others.

We got other things in common that the Mom won't let me talk about just now but I will later. He's left this world now and is missed. He did my name proud!

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