Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 137: Happy Birfday To My Aunt Madison!

Today is my Aunt Madison's birfday!!!

And it's most special day on a counta she's most special and I love her. And on a counta she loves me too, I'm not where I was but where I am. And she's not done wif me, she still checks up on me and in all ways supports the Mom which is hard and frustratin task I know.

And well... that alone would make her remarkable but she spread her love and make all kinds of differences in many sweet golden boys' and girls' and their moms' and dads' lives.

So my golden wish for Aunt Madison on her special day: All Play, All Day... Well, unless you get the chance to take a nap! Naps are good. I love em! Hope your day is full o love on a counta all o yours should be! Wishin you also tasty foods, comforts and no worries!

(Wishin you all that stuff for tomorrow and the next day and the next and... to forever!).

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