Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 136: My New Bed... A Little Story About Last Night

How many o you like to be woke up in middle of your night by someone happy who been out partyin wif golden retrievers even when they brung you a present?

None is the answer I tally. But this is what happened to me last night round midnight and call it happiness or call it guilt, the Mom woke me up to not just go outside but to rejoice in my new floors bed what she brung home.

It's a fine bed and I sniffed and gave it my paw of approval when I was last at the Orvis... and fine folks they are cause they welcome my kind to roam and paw their merchandises and not just that but the Mom says they donated this bed what she won for me in a shhhhhhh auction.

The Mom likes it cause the cover matches our bedroom fabricks as it looks like our several sets o sheets, but I confused cause it soft like big bed but not nearly so big. So what I sposed to do wif it?

I got on it as the Mom urged late last night which was really early this morning and then she got on it wif me and I growled... not the kind of growl like I gonna bite you but the kinda growl like why you wake me up and make me do things? ... And where you been you smell like good times, good food and fine wines? You know, that kind of growl...

Still confused this mornin, so looked up bed on internet and says "Super soft, silent, and machine washable, high-lofting polyester fill retains its loft and makes an excellent option for light-sleeping pets"... which is me and so that's good.

Also says "If your dog can chew through it, we'll refund your money! No questions asked."

Food for thought since I sometime hungry in middle of night...

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