Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 163: In Sickness And In Health

The Mom real sick and I aint' lyin. Not never do I lie, but ticularly not now... not bout this.

Sides feedin me and lettin me take quick jaunt outside... I vited on big bed for head rub and cuddlin, but I play least bit coy... too bad so sad cause she ain't gonna beg nor cajole not now.

Luke worried bout the Mom cause her sick so far from health. I try be good nurse but not sure how. No bedside experience, ya know? Ain't like her not be oohin ahhin and dotin over Luke.

She real quiet and still. And so am I... well, feel like it to me and I tryin but she say my loud breathin and sighin in corner of bedroom baseboard almost deafnin...

Prolly her guilt talkin.

I try be good nurse but don't know how. Tips anyone?

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