Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 164: Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

The Mom real protective over all things her Comet. And when she strain to find the bright side of heart break, she look to me.

And today, the Mom was moved to share
Comet's tree... with me. She told me her sweetest girl in the world... would want me to enjoy the traditions and love she'd known.

I confused cause I never saw tree with tricity and glowin like on fire. But wif the Mom half cryin and half smoochin me on nose and finally resurrected from deafbed... I play long like portant celebration I think it might just turn out to be...

Sometime I talk bout how much me and the Mom the same... we love and boaf lost, life chip way at spirit and trust and faith. But we look in each other eyes, and we find ourselves. It feel good. It feel like home.

It feel like Christmas.

And we start our own traditions. I, bein the Luke, don't wholly understand... but I play long.

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