Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 155: I Like To Dance!

I love to dance! And I spired to do so on way to food bowl ever mornin ever night. Also do a mean two step when got tuition I goin for walk or ride. And casionally wif toy as partner, dance to big bed...

But wif reality tv and thanks to the Mom gettin pitchers on her phone of other chill-ren showin off...

I now know I gettin few points for style!

I printin this photo life size. Pawprint step look easy to follow but hip action not so much. Need practice.

And video.

Just sayin.

Funny stuff and genius idea
these goggies have... on iphone as LOLdogs, on web as Check out cause ever one I know right now can use big laff and this is one!

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