Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 136: (The Mom's Contribution To) My Masterpiece

End of Chapter One meant I had lots o free time to reflect and study and hone artistic nature. But had to call on the Mom to execute xacto work on a counta I got no fumbs and she's a stickler for no sharp objects round the boy who is me.

So she stepped in after many days of my worryin over whether she would or would not find the time to complete my vision of a movie mark-eeee. But she did and my top hat's off to her on a counta she came fru wif the final compy-zition, not to mention I didn't get to go to the gala and got no reason for wearin hat anyway cause Kongy don't care.

Whole compy-zition volves round the words "Now Playing" on a counta I am finally... and told the Mom to change words under wanted poster to read " Cool Hand Luke In Reward Winning Roles" and list my aliases. Left it up to her to pick her favrites cause there's too many to fit on the mark-eeee much less table!

Love sayin "A GRRH Production" cause from day one to now, rescue to adoption to all the support me and the Mom get and feel on a daily basis... it's a production. Connection coulda been terminated on June 20, but these folks care more than CHL thought was humanly possible.

And now bein a retrospective straight from my diary and blog and ok for shameless promotion... I ask the Mom to say "Now Playing On The Web"!!!

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