Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 150: Sesqui Hundred Days And Still No Bone Shaped Pool

I love my hunderd fifty days here I do!

But woke up to realization this morning that thank dog ain't no herd o dogs out back but sad ain't no bone shaped pool nor more peoples than just the Mom who's nough but more's good sometimes ain't complainin just sayin.

Been peaceful day wif the Mom. Sun settin and I can't help but reflect on all GRRH give me.

They give me yesterday what was real good.

More portantly, they give me all this... what is my comfort, what is things I now not just take for granted but get pissed bout when not xactly way i want em...

What is ever thing Luke love and deserve some of which over the top but I learn quick to go wif flow don't rock boat and love nuttiness of the Mom.

What is silly names and sissy collars.

What is fun life of song and chatter and sometime smoochin till it annoyin.

What is my name bein called all the live long day into night.

What is the sound patpatpat "Luke get on big bed"...

What is the Mom...MY Mom.


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