Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 158: Ah Oh Gotta Go

It's funny but not really how you feel good and then you overhear the Mom consprin with the Aunt Karen bout goin to doctor. I love and trust the Aunt Karen, not meanin that I don't love and trust the Mom too, but she worry too much. Just sayin.

But if I gotta go I gotta go. Ain't like I got much say and sides, it IS goin and I like goin much as the Mom like rubbin and feelin on me. She know my body like back of her hand maybe better.

And you won't catch me complainin bout the rubbin cause it come wif sweet talk and kisses likes of which I have never known. Kinda mushy kinda overdone but won't trade it for nothin.

I handsome healthy lookin fellow, no?

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