Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 162: Satisfied?

Happy to go on trolley ride early this mornin. Trip good then stop in new place call Fairbanks which not so much fair nor banks just sayin. It good and busy place tho, happy to be there and can't help but bark at goins on even after the Mom told me stop. We move to small room and things much more calm as we waited for Doctor Mark. Sweet tech even come in and woo me!

Doc Mark real calm and real laid back.

Can just tell he smart and thoughtful by how quiet and kind he is. He ask questions and look me over. He poke and prod and I try to disappear neath the Mom. That not timidate him cause he got on floor and went one on one. I give. I fold. He good.

Doc Mark did his deal and then I got a treat and and then we wait. The Mom was scared but that nothin new cause she always fearful on a counta her luck not so good but she gotta remember... I her good Luke charm!

And that bein so, all my results come back "nuffin to worry bout". That said, yeah yeah yeah..needle mighta missed bad tissue and she gotta keep rubbin and checkin on me which aint altogether bad just sayin.

Good to celebrate. Good times. Good feelin. Good health.

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