Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 157: The Great Escape

Nice relaxin mornin tho the Mom was busy workin, kinda borin and then we was invited to Mister Uncle T's Day Spa and we went.

Mixed feelins bout bein wif the herd. Way happy to see my Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom, and happy to see the herd and enjoy their home and yard, but got big feelins of timidation. Few step in the door and I'm lookin for the trolley keys. Gets better tho. Just gotta be patient.

Things much smoother this time and I all lovin them, they all lovin me and then I'm next for baff and I find hole in fence.

The Mom don't find this too much funny, but when I took off I thought I was still at Aunt Madison's and Uncle Tom's... and when I circled round, I thought I was headed back to the baff area...

Good neighbors helped me back to my Uncle Tom... and yeah, well, then who was lost!!! The MOM! Thought she was responsible and then she run way... make great escape. So Aunt Madison stay wif me, help calm my nerves... while Uncle Tom try to find the Mom.

Thinkin she not so accustomed to runnin street alone, might get hit by car. Got no tags no chip, might have to call volunteers, put out posters.

And then my Uncle Tom come back wif her! I all happy, and she all sorta mad but mostly happy. She call me word what rhyme with "you little bird", tell me she love me and kiss me on the nose.

All good and then I find that I next for baff, but that ok cause baff good and then the rubbin and brushin even better.

Had good day minglin wif herd on short leash thereafter. They all trustworthy, I not so much. But we gave the Mom many golden retriever samwiches which she love.

And my Bleu brother took great joy in many pine cones and sticks which made the Mom worry bout our quantity of those great treasures not sure why on a counta he never been and don't live here.

Clean, handsome, tired and the Mom is safe at home. I goin bed now. Good run relax you. Just ask the Mom.

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