Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 161: My First Thanksgivin Holiday (But Ever Day Thanksgivin To Me)

Livin with the Mom means bein big part of ever day and she make me feel real special on holiday like this what she call Luke's First Thanksgivin.

Had some time today to flect bout life. Don't think of myself one bit as 'rescue'. Luke strong minded and willed. Luke outwit Chapter One and make break for bigger better things of his hopes and dreams. Got way-layed long way but hitch ride with Uncle Tom to Promise Land which is here and now.

But thing bout bein where I been and for so long fore now is had lotta time to think bout where wanna be and dream who wanna be and all perks and luxuries wanna waller in...

So when me and the Mom sat round tv tray tonight and list things we thankful for, she go first and she say me. She say other good stuff but this my blog not hers, so here some stuff I say in no ticular but somewhat chronological order (so the Mom don't get fended!):

  1. The Mom. (Noone call Luke fool. Know gotta say the Mom first!).
  2. The Uncle Tom. (For the lift, man talk, strong support, miracle waters and ok... baffs).
  3. Pet Paradise. (Wasn't there long and don't take this the wrong way but thank dog cause Luke was on BIG move to nother kinda paradise... but Michael and folks was real good to me and I grateful).
  4. The Aunt Melinda and Uncle Jason. (For takin me in and treatin me just right. Kinda thought your place was place of dream but name of Aunt and Uncle confuse me as knew I was lookin for the Mom).
  5. The Aunt Karen. (For not lettin jaw hit ground loudly when the Mom say she want young pup only no ceptions but askin can meet Luke cause maybe he the one, for couragin and calmin the Mom, for idea of Kongy and for laughter).
  6. The Aunt Madison. (For bein first and always voice of compassion when Luke have bad day, whether thunderstorm, surgery or evil disease, for good brushin and sweetness, and for carin bout the Mom like care bout me!).
  7. GRRH. (For lookin for and findin me, for good cookies, fun things to do... and for helpin fulfill dreams of other kids like me).
  8. Love. Gluttonous and never endin. Don't have to give it to get it. It just slathered on you.
  9. Option of Side of Door. Most specially good to be never left on out side of door. Grateful to be left inside of door only when by Luke choosin or for own good... and still tryin to learn when that own good thing is, but gettin better at gagin length of good nap while the Mom at factory, et al.
  10. Companionship. Ever been lonely then find someone super comfortable to hang hat wif like best friend? That's how I feel. Shrink might say unhealthy when best friend is also the Mom, but Shrink never been where I been. Nice to have the Mom who prefer Luke's company to all others, the Mom who drag feet when leavin and haul patooty home.
  11. Security. Took while but now gettin hang of it. The Mom leave but she come back... mostly shortly, when longly only cause she have to pay for roof. She do things outta love and Luke learnin to cept that.
  12. Walks. Wish could call em runs but the Mom's slow. Love all the same.
  13. Yard. Yeah, most always had one but this one different cause don't have to live there. Like it most cause it optional.
  14. Beds. Big Bed where I called all time, get head rubbed, can bring toys and can stay on Luke terms. Little Beds in and out of draft. Even fluffy bed I won't step nor lie nor sleep on not matter where located. Don't hold ticular grudge but might have somewhat hard head. Just sayin. But Luke livin large.
  15. Treats. Good and regular. Sometime gotta sit and shake sometime not. Favorite is GRRH cookie chaser but also love molasses madnesses.
  16. Trolley Rides. Love most all of em but much prefer go and come back wif the Mom not drop off cause only one been that way. Hated it, frew up on the Mom after she pick me up, don't wanna do it again.
  17. Health. Thing bout health is you got it less you check into it. But then, you only got it if you check into it, find out you don't got it and fix it. Called "pair o ducks"... not sure why but all things considered rather have just the one duck.
  18. Baffs... yeah, even!
  19. Toys. Stuff that all mine and they come regular. Dance for em, dance wif em. Tear tags off em. Suck on em. Carry em round, sometime two at time. And put em to bed. Got my own basket and got my own toys. Luke live large. Just sayin.
  20. Bedtime Stories. Luke never get too old for one... or two or free or more. Comfortin knowin Luke come to side of bed and get story. Get rub. Get vitation to big bed. Get re-surin. Get love. Sometime wake up, think maybe new life is just dream... good to have light sleepin Mom to always rub head, say love you and tell bedtime story.

Just sayin. Luke and the Mom lucky. Luke and the Mom grateful. Luke and the Mom got each other!

Happy Thanksgivin All My Peoples! Hope your life mean as much to you as mine does to me!


Unknown said...

I wanted to thank you for sharing Luke's story with the world. We too got our golden from GRRH (I saw your URL on the donation form for this year!) and always love to hear the stories of the dogs whose lives we save, and in some cases, save our own lives. Thank you for making me laugh out loud, and at times, for bringing tears to my eyes because what you write is so dead-on to how I feel about my own Dante.


The Luke said...

Aunt Stefanie, thank you for visitin my blog! I think we boaf agree... GRRH Family is GRRH8!

I want to know more bout your (my cousin) Dante. He got real good name, and I bet he real special boy!

I kinda surprised GRRH include me in year end letter, as they save so many Goldens in course of year... almost 200 in 2008!!!

When I ask why me, they say cause I so overlooked by others and I such good boy with such great potential and bring such joy to... well, the Mom mostly, but also hopefully to ever one who happen upon my little story, too.

I glad you laugh, and well... if you cry, you know it prolly somefin the Mom cry bout too. She sometime cry bout such little and sometime big things...happy and sad stuff, stuff she glad of, stuff she regret (on a counta time lost)... kinda confusin. Sound like you that way too. Me and the Dante got that in common... maybe he and I should talk!

First and second best thing ever happened to me are the Mom and GRRH... the perfect Chapter Two! Bet your guy feel that way, too!

It hopefully a long chapter for boaf us. Hope you keep readin and commentin bout mine! I spect to hear from Dante, too!

Would love to meet you soon! Thanks for makin my day!

Love, Luke