Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 151: I Heart My Mom!

Wif thanks most specially to My Aunt Silvia... I give my heart to the Mom, firstest and mostest!!!

And to my GRRH family, I not just give heart but owe all that's mine.

Who woulda thunk one year ago when I (bout this time gettin fixed) in Waco kennel that I missin all I got now.

Strong spirit I got and held on cause I just knew all Heaven gonna break loose one day.

Got hellish stuff to fight still but didn't struggle (survive or waste that near year) for life... to roll over wifout big fight. Just sayin.

Good thing is now got the Mom who fight ever bit hard as I do. Bad things got big foe in two of us...

She get teary sometime and it new for Luke to have someone in his bizness (hair and skin, nose to patooty) most all time but put up wif it on a counta it feel so good to be center of world.

Put aside the Mom's pair of noids and she bout best thing ever happened to me! Just sayin.

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