Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 135: Getting Ready For The Golden Retriever Gala

The Mom's in the shower getting ready for our long awaited Golden Retriever Gala, benefitting Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston as they help other sweety boys and golden gals who might need a little or a lotta help kinda like I did at one time.

Those keeping up wif this blog know I been workin hard on my Master Centerpiece and can't wait to unveil it.

So, while the Mom's gettin ready, I took liberties of gettin ready in my finest white collar, bow tie and top hat.

Don't usually take the Mom this long to get ready but I'm gettin little drowsy as I wait.

Well, maybe just a quick nap but this hat is noyin me.

What? You mean I not goin? You mean I in bow tie and top hat, worked hard on masterpiece and not goin?

O! You mean fully loaded Kongy gonna babysit me? Well, that's a top hat of diffrent color.

Have fun! Drive careful!

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