Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 148: Gettin Gussied Up!

Had me my first baff tub baff today cause gettin kinda coolish outside. Was not gonna do it when the Mom put my front feets on the edge of the tub, cause my hind end just melted into the floors... but when she put the leash on me and got in the tub her ownself decided to go wif her!

So had luxurious spa baff in just right warm waters and the Mom told me all kinds of things bout well, you know... mushy Mom stuff. And when baff over I had to be coaxed out of tub... but knew best part was yet to be, so finally thought best to hop out and did.

Now ya'all know I don't take to no air gun styling devices, just ain't manly... but I not so manly that I don't enjoy wearin the swaddlin cloves!

Troof is I just love bein dried off, but wiff a towel and a brush. Favorite position is flopped cross the Mom's lap but can't when 'moment' needs capturin. Put up wif it cause the Mom sentimental and when all said and done means Luke gets more love so worf it.

Nuffin spell contentment like baff over, fresh smellin towels, lots o rubbin and brushin, tons o compliments and the Mom's undivided attention!

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