Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 139: Who Is This Prince?

That's what I said... Who is this Prince? And what is his pitcher doin on my compy?

Don't get me wrong. Looks like jovial fellow, all handsome wif his boyish good looks...

But what's wif his name?

Maybe he represent himself wif just a funny symbol or maybe go by first name 'Fresh'... but then maybe not and there I go datin myself.

Maybe he think he cute like William or Harry, they with their blond and reddish hairs.

Or maybe he think he royalty and spects to be treated as such and well he and all my golden brothers and sisters should... just like I've grown fond of such conditions.

But one word to the royals who thinkin bout enterin this "palace":

Remember the King...

Ain't talkin Tut nor Elvis, but the one that really counts round here!

I talkin bout Yours Truly... "King" (C.H.) Lukey Luke!

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