Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 207: My Cousin Lovey

Loyal readers you know my Cousin Lovey who I love just one small octopus more than a ton!

And I just receive her holiday photos what show that sweet girl wif some her bounty!

Lovey real pretty girl and she got her a new tree this year and this is a picture of her underneaf it.
She lucky and loved girl what eat foods I only dream of and she got golf cart what she ride in and other neat stuff...

She lucky too she have her Mom the Aunt Dav who is not just good but most excellent photographer who capture her moment in the snow unlike the Mom's photograph of
the Luke on the porch in the dark!
And one day soon Lovey might also have golden retriever pet what she call the Luke who live in the Uncle Benjy's barn (along wif the Mom and the Bleu, of course)! Just sayin. Could happen!

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Anonymous said...

My name is Lovey and I feel so strange appearing on a golden's blog with all the golden photos! Yet, I'm a pekingese and have the royal attitude and feel that I am "queen" Lovey, so it's good to be published! I want to be seen with all my Xmas loot! And I appreciate all my wonderful loot from Luke and Bleu!