Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 222: My Remorseful Head

The Mom she still sick and in bed not move but she still alive. I know on a counta I put mirror under her nose and it fog up. Just kiddin, I know on a counta my loud sigh make her get up and let me out. And Bleu know on a counta his big wet burp got her up to put more waters in the bowl on a counta she knew if he drank... bowl now empty.

I feelin bit better but hip not look nor feel so good. I got bunch o shots and takin aunty-biotics. And doc tell the Mom let the Luke pick the scab off it on a counta he couldn't get it off... but I leave it alone for today!

The Aunt Dav call last night to check on the sick Mom who whisper to her what happen today wif the Luke. The Aunt Dav beg the Mom not let me put picture of my owwwwwy on web on a counta it hurt her heart the last time.

So, for you Aunt Dav... here photo of my remoreseful head(!):

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