Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 199: More About Bleu

Ever big brother once in great or even little while bound to wake up and think... oh no little brother still here and not goin back to stork or the Uncle Tom from which he come. And I think that this mornin today.

And no matter the Mom take us for walk and the Bleu so congenial I just grumpy and that just the way it is.

Make matters worse, the Mom go have breakfast wif the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom and come back wif more stuff for the precious most special alebeit laid back and unassumin Bleu!

Big box got doctor records, more clothes, groomin stuff and brushes, three bags o tasty Bleu food and pretty much like the proverbial partridge in a pear tree...

Bleu now proud owner of GRRH bandana.

He great boy what come from lovin family to lovin family to our lovin family... and I happy for him, I welcome him, and I live up to all I promised the Mom...

I get over he still here and not goin back to stork or the Uncle Tom from which he come.

But now he got GRRH bandana and I don't!


Amber-Mae said...

You're a rescue dog is it Bleu? That's kool!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

The Luke said...

Me and the Bleu are both "rescues" what were provided second opportunities by Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston, only I more so than the Bleu. Bleu came from good loving home as owner surrender on a counta he had lots of medical issues that were just way overwhelmin for their family at the time... and they love him so much they want the absolute best for him and they found it. I understand it was hard thing for them to do becuase just look at all the wonderful toys and clothes and bed they gave him... Bleu live with the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom for 8 months and GRRH worked hard to get all his medical issues resolved and now he doin real good, and he come life wif me!

I on other hand was also owner surrender to shelter in Waco, Texas where I live in small kennel for 10 months. My people turn me in on a counta they make me stay outside and I hate it and try once too many times to bolt into house.

I where I supposed to be now though and make good home here wif the Mom and now wif the Bleu!

That said, I sure wish I could do some or all of the fun stuff you do! Would like bite of that tasty chicken too!

Happy New Year! Love, Luke