Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 218: Bleu Afternoon Trolley Ride

Just look at the Bleu! He don't look a feared of nuffin!

But try get him take ride in trolley and he all mooshy wif the fear!

And how we found out is this... the Mom rush home from factory eat quick bit o lunch and take us out like we goin for walk...

But then she open door of trolley and in swift second, I in backseat! I think I deserve Golden star on a counta I do somefin the Mom don't expect... I go to other side of seat and make myself small as possible on a counta the Bleu he so big and he comin next.

Or at least I think he comin next. I say think on a counta he stop not budge, he not hoppin in wif the glee shown by me! So the Mom commence to cajolin... and she got the front of him in and have to lift up the back before he go ahead and hop in.

So now we in, the Mom gotta go back lock house etc and I take opportunity to tell the Bleu it gonna be ok, you big, I give you 2/3 backseat... but o by the way, my 1/3 in the middle.

And the Mom come back and I make sure right quick she rectify this 60 degree temperature by turnin on ass conditioner right quick like. And then we off.

And as co-driver, I pretty sure route in alignment wif visit to
'the herd' and I'm down wif it on a counta I think one, I like it there... good senses and the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom, and two... maybe we takin the Bleu home? Ok, I not so sure how I feel bout that but think I ask can he stay just one more night?...

And then the trolley pass the exit. And then we ride round what seem like aimlessly and the Bleu start whimperin real quiet but real high pitch... and then we stop in front of place I never seen...

And then lo and behole outta no where the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom appear and we deboard the trolley and the Uncle Tom he take the Bleu inside the place! I not know what to think bout where he goin but I like bein on the outside wif the women folk. We three decide go in and we sit and I suddenly got lots to say real loud... on a counta now I know this place is doctor office!

The Mom she leave go in other room wif the Bleu and the Uncle Tom and I stay wif the Aunt Madison and get petted and rubbed. I not know what the Bleu doin but pretty sure it ain't good as this as he prolly getting poked and prodded and shot and stuff up the nose! So I become all about the waitin room experience and waller in it!

And then they all come out and we go for short walk cross street and then I not real sure who goin where but I know where I goin and that's back in the trolley and home. No time to ask questions or say goodbye, but answer come when the Mom lift the Bleu back end into the trolley to go to our home!

I always know I real special to the Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom on a counta all many wonderful and special things they done for me... and the Bleu was foster but same as their son for over 8 months so I know he uber special too... but still blow my mind how they go so far outta they way to help situations. And today was one... on a counta so many reasons.

It growin experience. The Mom say Wright Brothers and she gotta learn stand on our own 10 feet, gotta be in control over our own lives and be responsible. Luke hear what she sayin but still think my 4 inseparable from her 2... and we have to negotiate bout the Bleu!


Life With Dogs said...

He sure doesn't look scared to me! Just the opposite :)

The Luke said...

He ought not be a feared o nuffin on a counta he bout size of great dane! He pure golden retriever just in extra large size, but he make up for giant by bein so gentle and respectful.

Don't know why he don't like trolley ride.

I love em, don't you?