Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 212: Breakin Habits

The Mom worry a ton about the Bleu who put most anything in his mouf outside and think it funny... and she worry he put wrong thing in mouf and make him sick... or he swallow wrong thing and it be real trouble, no jokin.

And so she think bout how she broke the Comet's habit of chewin stuff not hers... and decide bring toys outside and frow em, exchange toys for sticks and pecans.

And whattaya know it long shot but it work!

The Bleu love to play the fetch till I put end to game by beatin him to toy and takin it back frew open back door into house and onto the big bed!

The Mom now got two toys out there what she try to focus us on individually.

She such idealist. Gotta preciate that bout her... not to extent to humor her, but enough to think she sweet for thinkin she can equalize life and make it fair for us.

And seriously gotta love the Mom not just for all encouragements but also for rebukes... on a counta at the heart of each reprimand (and I think the Bleu will agree)... lies an unconditional love and concern for our happiness and well bein. Just sayin.

So we all win and somewhat feel good about today:
The Mom feel good she found what the Bleu like to search for and find.

The Bleu feel good on a counta he feel challenged to chase and retrieve object of value.

And the Luke feel good on a counta he recognize the value and emotion of event, retrieve object and bring experience to end on what he consider good note.

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