Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 226: And While On Subject of Bleu Bowl

While the Mom at factory, I been helpin the Bleu set up his own blog (stay tune for launch), so I been tryin not reveal too many Bleuisms from Luke perspective... I think it good for quiet boy speak up those for hisself. Just sayin.

But will take just one quick moment to say how he grown comfortable here in his new and believe me when I say his forever home... He dance like no tomorrow for his food bowl and he eat faster now not on a counta he think the Luke gonna nudge him outta it but on a counta he know he not just guest he live here.

And do anybody but me think it funny that the Bleu eat only and I do mean only outta green bowl... and the Luke who born on Ide of March what is green by sociation eat outta bleu bowl?

Funny. Just sayin.

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