Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 218: Happy Birfday Dear The Aunt Karen!

It's a very special day today on a counta it my Aunt Karen's Birfday!

I love her for
SO MANY REASONS not least of which she love and check on me and she talk the Mom off ledge of fear and o how I love sound of laughter when them two on phone together.

My Aunt Karen real smart and she know how to think through problems wif boaf logic and emotion and find answer, and that been big help to me and the Mom.

And on a counta her, I got
AK BABY and my favoritest of my favorites... KONGY!

But she special too on a counta she best Adoption Expert ever! I just one boy outta hunnerds what she found good and special and forever home.

Why... she did for me in few short days what noone could do for me in Waco in 10 long months! And when the Mom say she want young dog not more than 2 year old or maybe the Luke, the Aunt Karen not drop jaw or nuffin... she just say to the Mom the Luke run circles round dogs fraction of his age at Pet Paradise... And the rest shall we say is

So my wish for the Aunt Karen this day is... love, laughter, peace and comfort in a bun dunts. Add up all the rewards she seen to each of us Goldens havin... and that would be my gift!

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